Hotshots and Scary - funny video ideas from movies

Is it possible to make a fatal wound with a sheet of paper? Yes, it is possible in movies. If you don't believe me, watch the movie trailer of Bad Guy from the acclaimed South Korean director Kim Ki-duk. (Check timeline at 2:30)
Now, here is the plan - let's help these popular directors by making their ideas more stupid.


Make your own set of dumb rules. Transport nothing or transport some real waste. Focus on making the rules list endless.


Proclaim yourself as the chosen one for matrix or for any other trix. This is not the real world for you and  mosquitoes are actually machines. Now start saving human race.

Sell your soul for $$$

Let the Satan make an appointment with you. Upon Satan's request sell your soul for few wishes. But don't forget to make a proper written document for the contract.

Jason XXX

The time has come to convert our bad boy Jason to a funny guy. Think about all the possibilities for extracting the best out of him.

Horse Whisperer

Select your cat or dog instead of horse and claim that this pet will do anything you whisper . Create situations for the pet to do exactly the opposite you order.


Wear a suitable costume and predict something that is any way going to happen as unusual and important. example - tomorrow the sun will rise.

coming soon ....

Face Off ( plastic surgery - before after )
MOP ( multiple personality disorder )

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