7 Funny Ideas For YouTube

According to Aristotle, unlike tragedy, comedy is a low level act ( comedy imitates inferior action ). So I think if someone wants to come up with a funny idea he or she ought to think level low in every situation, for finding low possibilities and variations. Here are some low thinking funny video idea situations or examples to work out your own idea.


Make yourself a dreaded face and just say that you are seeing things. Horrible things. Things that you feel absolutely real. After the monologue show us those funny hallucinations.

Lip cap

We cover up almost our every body part. Is there any part left that you think need a cover? What about lips? Mouth caps are there but poor in style. Why don't we make designer mouth caps or lip caps?


The arrested is accused of committing a foolish act and denying it. You are the special agent appointed to interrogate. Prove the blunder.

Time travel

Fill your wall with no sense physics theories ( equations and symbols are must ) and make a coffin like box with lots of extra fittings. You are ready for a time travel. For our zero budget go straight to stone age.

Vampires and zombies

Vampires and zombies are great resource for fun. Example - interchange their behavior. let's make zombie do all that millionaire talk of vampires ( immortality, eternity and diverse culture kind of stuffs ) and give your vampire the penniless style of zombies.

Tuber Lady - killer

Are you an experienced player from the field of love? Then you might consider giving us some help to attract opposites. Some unusual and strange tips to woo.

Investigator - private

Someone lost his silly thing or someone wants to track a ridiculous person. be a private investigator and resolve the case.

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