Ideas for YouTube videos

No idea is an island. Rudolf Diesel got the idea for his engine from a cigar lighter. Instead of searching for a unique idea from a state of emptiness be ready to select and act upon the ideas that are already ruling the world.

Hello world

Why don't you greet the world in every morning or in weekends? be a Vlogger. Share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. If you don't want to show your face use puppets or wear a mask.

Make a short

Don't say I don't want to become a director. All of us do and that is why we are here for. Be a director. Of course you can. If you know how to tell a story visually, you are the qualified one.

What is in my bag
Open your bag and take things one by one. Surprise viewers with the things that they least expect.

 Wardrobe show
Change dress with frequent short intervals in front of a mirror to show your dress collection. We have seen it in movies where the protagonists trying desperately to make the best impression.
Open the tiny box
Get a very small box and fill it with as many things as possible. Make this like you are going for a Guinness record. Open it slowly and show the collection.

Family matters 
Our family is our easily available great human resource. Include every one of them if they really like it. Make family as a first step for the long journey. Of course they are not actors, but it is up to you to make them act and unlock their potential.

Find the rebels

Go and search for an odd personality - people with eccentric behavior who are rebel and craving for attention. Ask them for a session. Try to pull out the best in them. Ask thought provoking questions. Make them aggressive. 
Make video tutorials on any topic you like. No, you don't have to be an expert on the subject. If you are a total primitive, learn some basics from internet and act like an expert. Improvise as you go on.
Video historian
Build up a  history on your  locality. Become a local historian. Shoot public    functions, events, monuments, places, landmarks, tourist attractions, upcoming projects and every other details. Give those natives a chance to revisit their sweet memories who are far away from their homeland.

Local issues 
Make a social video that in sense has an issue on the local community. Discuss it with people, catch their opinions and  suggestions to solve the problem. Raise a little voice. Through your medium, get it noticed to the authorities. If you want to go further, add your own solutions. 

Art videos
Make some videos on art. Introduce your local artists to the world.Those who interested in art and culture are keen to know art from other regions. Give them a chance to evaluate your artists and their work.

The questioner

Ask questions and shoot -  with your friends and relatives. If you are a dare-devil approach strangers. Give them a topic to comment. Act like an interviewer, a journalist. Spot the best performance, edit it and post.


Do some magic. Find some magic books, choose the very simple trick or try to remember your school days when you astonished others with the simple tricks you learned. Shoot the trials and pick the best moments. Don't forget to reveal the secret which is the secret formula for making it as a hit.

Statues and monuments
These lifeless objects are priceless for us. Not only they convey a message and depict culture,(OK,we can make a video on culture)they offer us to make a story. For that, look far beyond the statue - especially the surroundings and shoot every other details to spice up the material.
This category falls under the most easy to make ones. Open the camera in front of them. Leave it there or follow. You will always get what you wanted - 'The funny stuff'.

 Video map

Create a video route map for tourists. The video must include passenger transport terminals such as airport,railway station,bus stand,seaport etc, accommodation facilities, hotels, tourist information centers, culturally important places like museums, commercial spaces, historical monuments and leisure centers or hot spots        
Puppet show
Write a short script and let your body play with those funny figured puppets. It is good to prefer finger puppets over hand puppets because they are easier to make and convenient if you are playing a lone hand.

Slide shows
If a video footage is not enough to convey the idea properly or if you lack the basic requirements to make a video, switch to a slide show. Pick the right images and fonts. Add music.

Another category for endless topics at your disposal. Movies, books, shows, gadgets to name  a few. Act like an authority on the subject  and unleash your unbiased opinion. 

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