Start up notes for Tubers

Our two minutes video proportionally equals with a two hour movie if we compare the huge amount of money, hard work, association of talented people invested in it with the limited money, time and people we have.

Bounce them back

Unlike movies in theaters and programs on television, video hosting sites offer unlimited viewer access. So it is our prime responsibility to make the video as best as we can to bounce back the viewers each and every time they come across with us.

Know thy viewer
Like us most internet users are too busy with their own selves. If by chance they are ready to spare their precious two or three minutes for you, give them a valuable return.

No rules
You are with your video capturing device. shoot and upload anything. No rules. But it is better to leave the raw video footage in a cool place for a while and heat up the brain to create a story out of it. Story is the King.

Go out
Walk alone and immerse in nature which is the best supplier of everything we need visually. Look for some thing minute and different in every corner of the street. Don't leave even a single dry leaf.Who knows  there might be a special creature resting on it.


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