About funny and viral videos

How are you going to treat your funny video ideas for YouTube or any other video hosting sites?. What is your funny way?.

A lot of Youtubers these days tend to use unnecessary stupid actions and facial expressions for the sake of being funny, even though there are many other ways to convert any silly ideas into a great funny video. 

Take those great legendary comedians, what was their secret?- Only one. almost all of them deliberately displayed one great emotion subtly-  'INNOCENCE'.
Stupidity comes from ignorance. innocence is from heart. Let the intellectual viewer feel that you gave your whole heart while making it funny.

Think twice and forget viral. Almost ninety percent of all personal independent viral videos are accidental ones. They are happening by chance. No planned effort behind and are just for mere amusement.  Some well lighted scenes to see objects brightly are enough for them. We cannot get profundity from them and people are wasting their precious time.

Create videos for those who visit video streaming sites to appreciate beauty in art, who are eager to know the creator - You. Make them your target audience.

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