I pawned the golden bracelet and chain father-in-law gave me, to buy a camcorder and tripod, took a loan from the local bank for the laptop, only to find out that gadgets are for nothing. All you need is energy and concepts.

I am from the southernmost tip of India - Kerala, and 
I started my Career as a freelance illustration artist in our regionally publishing magazines like Gulf voice, Chilla ,Vivekam, Yuvasarani etc after my college . I wrote  short stories, articles and cartoons  during this time for magazines like Manasamithram, Vyvaharam,  chilla etc, then became the sub editor of Vyvaharm legal magazine for a short period. 

One of my illustration
It is not at all easy to stay in the print media if you are a freelancer with no other income in India unless you are high above the average (yes, I am average). So I gave up my dreams and went for a diploma course in teachers training to feed my family.
I became a permanent teacher with a not so bad income in 2008. After two years I evolved as a husband and the next year a father. 
My boy
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