Viral and funny video ideas for YouTube

I am sure about one thing that you are not going to use these funny ideas for YouTube in the exact form as it is. May be you came here for some kind of raw meat to cook your own funny ideas or just for a read. Whatever your intentions are, good luck.

If you try to catch two rabbits at the same time you will lose your weight
If you are a little bit overweight this is the perfect time to chase two rabbits at the same time. Shred those extra pounds exclusively for YouTube and at the
same time attain a good figure.

Before after ad
Make a funny 'before - after' effect commercial for a fictitious product. Example - take an empty bottle, wrap a pseudo label around it and fill it with vitamin tablets or something that look-alike. A fake nutritional supplement is ready to play with.

Hot argument

 Take one of your friends as an opponent and start a hot argument over a ridiculous object or subject. Be very serious. The slightest hint that you are performing it, will spoil the whole game.

Get into the auction

Gather your friends, bring a silly object as historically important one, find a large a large room or space for the auction hall and do some make up and make over to get the polished look. Just try to remember some auction scenes from movies.

Go and bargain

Go to your local market with the camcorder and make a bargain over anything. Start at a very low price or the way you want to but make sure to place your friend as the seller.

The Repairman

This one is a  clich├ęd.  But if you are a thinking machine you can make something innovative from this idea. The idea? Try to repair something and make it a total mess.

Fishing lure

Comedians usually come up with boots when the try to do some fishing with those fish lures. You, this time try to catch something entirely different and funny for a change.

The perfect planner

At night make a vigorous plan for tomorrow. Make it like a list and stick it somewhere easy to find (for the camcorder). Next morning, do exact the opposite or just do nothing.

Candle light dinner

Arrange a candle light dinner for you pet. Carve out some humorous dialogues, explaining the reason behind it. If you place a doll instead of a pet, you'll be the absolute psycho for a viral.

Self help books

Get some self books on yoga, karate, cooking etc and practice it to evoke a big laugh. How? Just mess up while applying the lessons..

Motivational instructor

Teach them how to fly. Don't show the learners for reaction's sake until you finish. Yes, you guessed right. Birds. Apply this idea on other subjects.


Wake up early in the morning, only to find out that you, transformed into an another creature or thing.

Super human

Instead of  wearing underclothes under the clothes, wear it above the 
trousers to make it the basic signature costume of classic super heroes. A cape and your own super brand logo would be additional assets. Now start saving insects from danger.

The thief in action

Place the camera like a CCTV and rob your own home with a mask or with out. Edit it to give the look of a raw video footage. If you own a store viral is inevitable.

Remembrance of the things past

Pointing towards a silly or ridiculous thing boast how much you value it just because it is from your ex as a gift. Get emotional and cry a little if the situation demands but don't overdo. Craft carefully.

Big brother - Insect season 

Insects are really a good source for making funny stories. Example - place some ants on a perfect background and make a reality show. Shoot them in close and add voice over.

Inventions and patents

Invent or create something really stupid. Explain the process or ways how you made it or invented it and the inspiration behind. Finally make a clear statement that you are on your way to get a patent.

Beg is the perfect word

Beg in public and shoot the begging session. Make some placards describing reasons which are pointless and unbelievable, but enough for people to throw some money. If you are unfamiliar with this idea watch somewhat similar video idea like this one - 

Cat walk

Make a short ramp in home ( corridors are the best) and do some catwalk.

Mirror show
Use camera as a mirror and show the world how you react if left alone with a mirror. An ideal opportunity to exhibit your facial gimmicks.

The Master of disguise
Change your form many times and confuse us. Collect all kind of available materials for the make up and make over.

The mess
Do every thing to make your room a total mess. Throw things everywhere. shoot the whole process. Edit in fast mode to give it a fast pace.

The sleep
Shoot while you sleep. Restrict it to your expressive face. Pick The best moments to make us laugh.

Fashion designer
Design your own clothes and wear it for YouTube. To make it viral, design some weird dress. 

Beautician or make up artist
Find someone who can act a model for you. Apply all beauty work you know on the model. Play with her/his hair, mustache, beard etc. laugh guaranteed. Edit in fast mode.
Believe it or not
What are your local superstitious beliefs?. Make a list. Country beliefs are always an amusing and laughing-stock for every one.



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